Mortgage Banker Job Responsibilities

Mortgage banker is a person who works as a loan officer with a bank and is an expert as far as mortgage products, schemes and knowledge is concerned. Any person who is working at the position of a mortgage banker assists the customers and clients of the bank to apply for mortgages and makes sure that maximum customers can be attracted towards the bank.

He/she does so by developing attractive offers and giving added benefits. Exceptional financial skills, people skills, auditing abilities and track record in the sales field are necessary requirements for anyone who wants to be a mortgage banker.

Mortgage Banker Job Responsibilities

  • A mortgage banker is responsible for helping out customers with filing of mortgage application and solving their doubts about mortgage plans.
  • One of the major job duties of a mortgage banker is to attract new customers and clients and also make sure that existing customers are maintained. This can be done by introducing new offers, giving added incentives and through excellent customer service.
  • It is the job responsibility of a mortgage banker to conduct home-buyer seminars and meetings with the aim of marketing of the bank’s mortgage products.
  • A mortgage banker is responsible for calling old customers and informing them about the offers that the bank is offering.
  • Receiving customer calls is also a responsibility of a mortgage banker.
  • It is the job of a mortgage banker to help customers determine which kind of mortgage loan is suitable for them and fits into their criteria.
  • Another responsibility of a mortgage banker is to negotiate the terms and conditions of the loan with the clients and strike a fair deal.
  • A mortgage banker is responsible for collecting credit reports, customer information and supporting documents from the customers.
  • He/she is also responsible for submitting completed loan packages to the loan processors.

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