Nurse Recruiter Job Responsibilities

Nurse Recruiter job responsibilities include posting about nursing related vacancies, screening the resumes of the candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, short listing candidates, deciding the packages for nursing staff, negotiating packages with them and handling a number of other related tasks.

Nurse recruiter is mostly employed at nursing homes, clinics, hospital or may even work for an external agency that supplies nursing staff. Certain employers look for nurse recruiters having some relevant work experience.

Nurse Recruiter Job Responsibilities

  • Nurse Recruiter needs to seek the right candidates for filling the various vacant nursing positions for the hospitals, nursing homes or clinics they are associated with.
  • Nurse Recruiter is required to identify the positions for which the nursing staff is required and get an ad post prepared for posting the same on the job sites, newspapers and magazines.
  • Nurse Recruiter is required to reply to the candidates who apply for the position of the nursing staff.
  • Nurse Recruiter needs to read the candidate’s resume and screen it based on his qualification and experience.
  • Nurse Recruiter is required to plan and schedule interviews for the candidates.
  • Nurse Recruiter needs to call up candidates or email them to inform them about the date and time of the interview.
  • Nurse Recruiter is required to interview the candidates. He needs to judge the candidates on various parameters and short list them for other interview rounds.
  • Nurse Recruiter needs to tell the candidate as to what all would be expected from him as a nursing staff in order to give him an idea about the job profile.
  • Nurse Recruiter is required to take the candidate’s credentials and verify them by conducting background checks.
  • Nurse Recruiter needs to prepare offer/ application letters for candidates who qualify for the nursing positions.
  • Nurse Recruiter needs to send out application letter to the selected candidates and provide them information about the joining formalities.

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