Nursing Intern Job Responsibilities

Nursing Intern Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of a Nursing Intern involve taking care of patients under the guidance of a Registered Nurse or a Doctor. They should also perform duties such as providing health care in clinical or nursing settings to the clients and should have good communication skills. Responsibilities include preparing charts, assessment of the patient’s recovery, discharge of the patient and educating the patient if required based on logical evidence.

Nursing Intern Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluation and management of all practices under the Nurse Practice Act.
  • Knowledge of all software programs used in clinical practices and the skill to use clinical equipment.
  • Indepth knowledge about the prevention, transmission and control of Communicable diseases.
  • Having knowledge of simple tasks like giving injections, prescription  of general medicines, cultural differences, health-care, growth and development of children.
  • Maintaining correct records, files and confidentiality of the patient’s reports.
  • Establishing good relationship with the other workers, co-workers and the public.
  • Ability to undertake and develop community health programmes in an assigned or specified area.
  • Use, effects and side-effects of a medicine according to the patient.
  • Knowledge of all laws, regulations and rules in public health services.

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