Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

Pharmacist Responsibilities

Pharmacists are the special and essential tie that connects the doctor with the patients and vice versa. From the doctors come the prescriptions which will be handed to the pharmacist to provide the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Part of the pharmacist’s job is to be responsible for all the pharmaceutical needs of the patients and to make sure that doctor’s orders and prescriptions related to the medicine are understood by the patient or the one who takes care of him (the patient).

Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

  • Answer questions raised by patients or health care providers regarding the medicine prescribed or any other medicine needed
  • Monitor not only the prescribed medicine, but also those over the counter drugs – like weight loss supplements or vitamins that the patient might be taking for the prevention or education on possible drug interactions
  • Educate people, especially known patients about their illnesses
  • Educate parents, care providers or caregivers, students and other professions on health and the use of many different kinds of medicine – their benefits and harmful effects
  • Continue to study and learn new ideas and innovations and medical breakthroughs

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