Photographic Technician Job Responsibilities

Photographic Technician Responsibilities

Photographic technicians work extensively in a photography lab or dark room. These technicians work with variety of photographic equipments that help in processing different type of photos within specified time limit. The primary duty of a photographic technician deals with printing, sliding and obtaining transparencies from a negative. These photographic technicians maintain facilities, equipment and inventories in a photography laboratory.

Photographic Technician Job Responsibilities

Develops variety of films using different types of photography lab equipments. – Determines the process of development required for a film depending on its type. – Prints the enlarged images or shrinks the images depending upon the needs of a client. – Copies the photographic composites that can be used for journals, educational purposes, displays and exhibitions. – Maintains the solution integrity and chemical levels for both hand development and automatic processor systems. - Performs time analysis and filter techniques while generating cibachrome prints that uses different paper and film types. – Shoots the slides from original printouts, mounts and then labels the slides. – Maintains the slide and negative files. – Ensures suitable storage conditions for storing images and films. – Maintains the updated record of completed tasks. – Adjusting the camera settings before the photo shoot according to clients specifications. – Activating the timer which controls films exposure time.

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