Physical Therapy Technician Job Responsibilities

A physical therapy technician generally has to work with a professional physiotherapist, assisting him at jobs such as preparation of treatment area and required amenities, helping the patient before as well as during some physiotherapy process, or conducting routine tasks involved as well as executing special orders by the superior.

The technician hence needs to have a thorough knowledge of all the technicalities related to physiotherapy because although his task is that of an assistant, the area covered by his job responsibilities is vast.

Physical Therapy Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A physical therapy technician is responsible for the efficient setting up of the respective area for physiotherapy treatment and also proper organization of the required tools and equipments, machines, etc. for conducting the process of physiotherapy.
  • A physical therapy technician is equally responsible for giving attention to the patient(s) and his/her (their) need(s). It is the technician’s task to help the patient put on those special costumes, if required, or teach him/her the basic features and operations of some specific machines to be worked with, or assist the patient with any other task as may be required.
  • Not just for medical needs, a physical therapy technician is also responsible for taking care of a patient’s emotional needs. The technician must be efficient in dealing with all sorts of patients, irrespective of their mindset, level of nervousness, mood swings, and other emotional characteristics. He/she must be able to put every patient at ease.
  • A physical therapy technician is responsible for ensuring safety and clinical security for the patient during the entire span of the process being conducted.
  • A physical therapy technician is also responsible for the effective gathering of patient data and recording them properly, so as to be able to report to his/her superiors for further treatment of the patient. Since the technician is responsible for the collection of primary information, he must be doubly sure that the observations are error-free.
  • A physical therapy technician is often responsible for a number of diverse tasks, such as providing heat baths to helping patients walk just after some major operation, depending upon the purpose and type of physical therapy.

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