Physician Job Responsibilities

Physician Responsibilities

They are responsible to suggest new initiatives in order to provide effective and excellent medical services. They also provide reports; contribute to development, make budget and plan medical services.

They are also responsible for guiding, supervising and instructing junior medical employees. They evaluate and examine the patient’s medical records case notes and letters of discharge.  Also they offer treatments to patients by overall assessment and supervising.

Physician Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise the assessment, investigate and provide treatment to patients that are admitted.
  • Share health care tasks of patients with any other physician also to make sure that a physician is available all the time.
  • Conduct enough of ward rounds to monitor care and check progress for the early discharge of the patient.
  • Manage outpatients appropriately and admit them when it is necessary.
  • Take care and advice the patients who are referred by specialists of some other hospital.
  • Admit referrals to the medical ward for proper treatment and investigation.
  • Issue the discharge summary to all the patients before they leave the hospital.
  • Consult other departments of health care such as X-Ray, Audiology, Laboratory, Dental and Occupational Therapy.
  • Discuss complaints related to care or treatment from the patients with the medical officer.
  • Provide advice to patients regarding the health promotion and disease prevention.

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