Practicing Nurse Responsibilities

Practicing Nurse Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a practicing nurse involves taking care of patients on a very personal level. They observe the details of the patient and report directly to physicians. They also help the long term patients by taking care of their day to day activities like bathing, grooming, dressing and feeding them according to the patient’s diary. Responsible for the health recovery of the patient by taking care of their records, treatments and performing simple tasks like giving injections and taking blood tests of patients.

Practicing Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • Advising women in work-shops about sexual diseases and their control, pregnancy, family planning and health related issues.
  • Ability to work individually in an chronic infected area and carry out immunizations successfully and the ability to shift skills as per the requirements.
  • Taking care of patients and planning home visits.
  • Good knowledge of rules, regulations of the Nursing Act and the Principles.
  • Implement change in treatment based upon the recovery of the client and can refer them to physicians or hospitals.
  • Assesses patients and determines the treatments.
  • Required to supervise nursing students and participate in audit or survey.

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