Purchasing Agent Job Responsibilities

A purchasing agent is an individual who carries out purchasing or buying duties for the company he/she is employed at. Purchasing agents are generally needed by manufacturing firms for purchasing of raw materials and for retail firms for purchasing of products to be sold further.

Any individual with a knack of observing products, negotiating price, market research and good communication skills can opt for the position of a purchasing agent. There are many job duties and responsibilities of a purchasing agent, depending upon the type of company he/she works for. The following are the most important job responsibilities of a purchasing agent:

Purchasing Agent Job Responsibilities

  •  A purchasing agent must identify the need of the company and then conduct market research to look for the best quality products/raw materials and the best possible prices.
  • It is the responsibility of a purchasing agent to buy/purchase goods, products and services for the company as and when required.
  • Another job responsibility of a purchasing agent to maintain relations with existing clients and build relations with new ones.
  • A purchasing agent is also responsible for making records of products bought and the products which have been discarded from the inventory.
  • A purchasing agent must analyze the inventory on a regular basis to keep check of products and order more products whenever the need arises.
  • It is the responsibility of a purchasing agent to constantly maintain the high quality of products and make sure that no defected products are bought.
  • Making sure that the budget limitations are kept in mind while purchasing of products is also the responsibility of a purchasing agent.
  • Visiting factory outlets of sellers for inspection is also a responsibility which a purchasing agent has to fulfil.

A purchasing agent is also responsible for being in touch with the warehouse manager to know about the level of products in inventory

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