Retail Management Trainee Job Responsibilities

A retail management trainee is a person who is under a training program in a retail chain or company appointed under the management department. A person at this job position is required to stay under the training of the manager of the department of retail management. There are several job responsibilities associated with the job position of a retail management trainee. The following are a few of those job responsibilities which fall in the share of retail management trainee.

Retail Management Trainee Job Responsibilities:

  • A retail management trainee is responsible for observing the activities of the fellow employees to learn about various management and administrative techniques.
  • A retail management trainee is responsible for ensuring the standards of the retail products and making necessary amendments and improvements wherever required.
  • A retail management trainee is also required to meet sale targets of the company and ensuring that deadlines are met.
  • Any retail management trainee is also responsible for solving customer queries and ensuring that there is no scope for any complaint or mistake.
  • A trainee of a retail management position is required to do the necessary paperwork and understand the trends of sales.
  • A retail management trainee must do research about the retail company and prepare a report on a topic given to him/her or a topic of his/her choice related to retail.
  • A retail management trainee is responsible for visiting sales programs or meets and learning about the management techniques from a wider angle or view.

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