Sewer Job Responsibilities

Sewer Responsibilities

Do you always buy RTW’s or do you have anyone who makes your clothes for you? If so, then you must know that these people’s work as sewers. A sewer is someone whose job is to design, make, piece together or adjust and repair clothes for customers. They may work as a freelance sewer or someone who works for a retail factory outlet or as a member of the assembly line in a factory.

Sewers can also be tagged as dressmakers if they specialize on dresses mostly for women or tailors if they specialize on jackets, trousers and coats for men. But sewers are not only for clothes. There are those who work on shoes and bags. Whatever specialty they might work on, somehow they still manage to do almost similar responsibilities.

Sewer Job Responsibilities

  • Primarily to cut, trim and stitch clothes or pieces of clothes (or at other’s times shoes and bags) together
  • Design and draw clothes and/or shoes or bags and present ideas to the company
  • Accurately measure the client’s vital statistics and other measurements to make the pattern
  • Communicate with the client to determine the type of material, designs and decorative items to put on the garment
  • Sew clothes with a sewing machine or by hand as the design and material requires like edges and linings
  • Check the finished products for imperfections
  • Fit, alter, repair according to the desires of the clients
  • Press the finished product with hand irons or with pressing machines
  • Replace or repair defective garment parts
  • Examine the garments carefully for some other alterations to be made
  • Attend to clients complaints professionally
  • Work with clients in a friendly manner

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