Staff Nurse Job Responsibilities

Staff Nurse Responsibilities

He is responsible for helping the physician within the hospital and clinics. His responsibility is to give proper advice to the patients in order to keep them fit from many health related issues. He is responsible for making the patients aware with the factors that can harm him or her regarding their health issues. He is responsible for coping up with the problems related to the departments of ICU and ambulance care.

Staff Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for taking care of new born babies within the hospital and to check out the emergency ward in different period of time.
  • They are responsible for dealing with the patients who are suffering from cancer, typhoid, blood pressure and so on.
  • A Staff nurse is responsible for maintaining the detailed report and charts that are required for the health related issues of patients.
  • He is responsible for checking out the changes in the condition of patient. If any of the condition changes then he must inform to the doctor immediately.
  • He is responsible for monitoring the health condition of patients and updating the changes I his health condition to the doctor.
  • They are also responsible for helping the patients in their treatments.

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