Telecom Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

A person who works as a manager of the sales department of a telecom company is known as a telecom sales manager. This job is apt for those persons who have an MBA degree in management and are experts at sales and telecom. A telecom sales manager is an important job position for any telecom company as it can help to market the telecom equipments and services. Given below are a few of the major job responsibilities of a telecom sales manager.

Telecom Sales Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • A telecom sales manager is responsible for selling the equipments and products of the telecom company to old clients as well as find business opportunities and potential new clients for the growth of the company.
  • A telecom sales manager is responsible for analysing communication related needs and implanting plans and strategies as per requirement.
  • A telecom sales manager is also responsible for preparing quotes and writing up of orders.
  • A telecom sales manager visits potential and large client companies for potential orders and to review telephone services.
  • A telecom sales manager suggests best possible telephone services to walk in customers and clients as per their usage and demand.
  • A telecom sales manager is also responsible for explaining equipment usage by usage of brochures and demonstrations.
  • One of the responsibilities of the telecom sales manager is also to oversee the working of the entire sales and marketing department and administration of the trainees and other fellow workers as per the implemented strategies.

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