Translator Job Responsibilities

The career of translation is popular and in demand in almost every professional field, like healthcare, scientific and technical services and particularly social services where a translator is often needed to assist delegates from foreign amnesty organization when they visit other country’s backward areas. Translators are also needed to assist bureaucrats in inter-country seminars or meetings.

Day by day the translation job is becoming more popular because of global integration, open market which is leading to inter-country economic relations and exchanges which involve interactions of personnel of different nationalities. Translator job responsibilities require diligence and consistent sincerity. Various responsibilities of translator are mentioned below.

Translator Job Responsibilities

  • Translating messages simultaneously or consecutively into specific languages through sign languages, orally while maintaining context and style to the maximum.
  • Identifying and resolving any issues or discrepancies associated with meanings of words, phrases or linguistics concept.
  • Revising translated materials and checking for errors and proofread and edit wherever necessary.
  • Understanding the intended audience and collecting and compiling context on the content required for translation.
  • Discussing translation requirements with clients and preparing the matter accordingly.
  • Training and supervising other translators and interpreters.
  • Ensuring translation perfection by referring to dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons and so on.
  • Compiling terminologies of importance for translation and also including technical terms for translation in legal or medical sphere.
  • Reading materials like scientific reports, legal documents and news reports and rewriting the material in translated version.
  • Understanding the possible cognitive levels of the audience and translating accordingly.
  • Check for the consistency, accuracy and quality of translation and particularly for technical terms.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of work especially in case of bureaucratic work translation and following codes of ethics.
  • Taking the help of available software’s and associated technical documents for translating into some other language.
  • Increasing the perimeter of translational skills through incorporation of local terms and dialect by travelling with tourist guides who speak different languages.

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