Transportation Analyst Job Responsibilities

A transportation analyst is an employee of a transportation company who is responsible for making sure that safe and cost effective transportation modes have been provided in the city/state or district where he is posted. This job position is one with quite a few job responsibilities and can be applied for by those who have the specified educational qualifications and an interest in transportation and related fields. Given in the following lines are the job responsibilities of a transportation analyst.

Transportation Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for analysing and inspecting existing frameworks and transportation modes and routes and suggesting and implementing modifications and changes wherever required.
  • Responsible for analysing operating practices to determine and process and cost improvement opportunities.
  • Responsible for providing necessary freight analysis and decision systems for support of other functional systems.
  • Develop and maintain weekly and yearly key performance indicators related to freight and related services as well as measures.
  • Responsible for Compiling and analysing the previous or historical shipping information so as to monitor trends which have been taking place from then to the current scenario.
  • Responsible for updating the shipping guides as per requirement or need.
  • Transportation analyst is also required to be responsible for assistance and publication of financial details or logs of various projects and modifications made in the existing framework.
  • One of the job responsibilities of a transportation analyst is to summarize and analyse key operation metrics and a weekly or daily basis, as suggested by the manager.

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