Biochemistry Technologist Job Responsibilities

Biochemical technology is related to taking samples from patients and then analysing the samples to identify the diseases or illness that the patient is suffering from. A biochemistry technologist is thus an individual who is skilled to work in a medical laboratory to analyse the given samples taken from patients and using them for diagnostic purposes.

A biochemistry technology may also be required to perform other duties and responsibilities as well depending upon the workplace specification. Given in the following lines are a few of the job responsibilities of a biochemistry technologist.

Biochemistry technologist job responsibilities:

  • ┬áBiochemistry technologist is a trained and educated individual whose job responsibilities include assessing of the levels of the chemicals which are present in a human body.
  • He/she is responsible for receiving and marking the samples given by doctors to the laboratories and then conducting tests as per doctor advice or specifications.
  • Any biochemistry technologist is responsible for conducting tests on blood samples, urine samples, mucus etc to identify the deficiencies or abnormal proportions.
  • He/she may also be required to analyse and compile the data which is observed from conducting the experiments or tests on the given samples.
  • A biochemistry technologist provides reports and details of the tests to the doctors and is responsible for a systematic approach to the work.
  • It is the responsibility of a biochemistry technologist to observe safety measures and techniques in the laboratory and work in an organised and disciplined manner.
  • Any person working as a biochemistry technologist is also responsible for assuring the fact that the testing standards used are up to the mark and the results obtained are accurate.
  • He/she may also be required to properly mark the samples with the name of the patients so that no two samples get mixed.

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