Court Reporter Job Responsibilities

Court reporter job responsibilities include attending the legal proceedings, hearings, meetings, speeches, conversations and seminars to pen down the exact transcripts of the words exchanged by the parties at such places. They also have the facility to make use of the stenotype machines for recording these conversations. One is required to possess a good amount of knowledge about the legal terminology in order to handle this position well.

Court Reporter Job Responsibilities

  • Court Reporter needs to attend legal meetings, seminars, hearings and speeches and prepare transcripts based on this.
  • Court Reporter is required to employ different methodologies to record the precise words spoken by the parties.
  • Court Reporter may use stenotype machines for recording the voices.
  • Court Reporter needs to go through the transcripts after recording it and edit it, if required.
  • Court Reporter is required to go to different places in order to gather data for the transcripts.
  • Court Reporter needs to make legal documents by using the transcripts.
  • Court Reporter is required to assist the trial attorney in managing the legal documentation.
  • Court Reporter needs to help the trial attorney in performing research tasks for the case and examining it.
  • Court Reporter is also required to assist the judges in sorting out and managing the information collected during the court hearings and investigating the case based on it.
  • Court Reporter needs to maintain records of various legal cases.
  • Court Reporter needs to make sure that he adheres to all the legal bindings while working on various cases and preparing reports.

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