Lighting Technician Job Responsibilities

A lighting technician is generally employed on film sets, stage shows, theaters, etc. wherein the performance being presented or staged requires a variety of lighting at various angles, different colors, and at varied instances to provide a realistic visualization of the underlying concept of the drama.

A lighting technician plays an extremely important and almost a pivotal role in bringing up the theme and contents of a play, serial, or movie. Not just for motion pictures and shows, lighting technicians are also required to work at other ventures where presentation requires specific and proper lighting. There are various responsibilities of a lighting technician and some of them are as follows:

Lighting Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A lighting technician is responsible primarily for providing the necessary lighting at whatever event he has been employed, say for a movie or a festival, seminar or conference, or some theatrical performance or live show.
  • A lighting technician has to be responsible for managing the equipments and tools required for the job, making sure that they are in the best state of execution, clean and working properly.
  • A lighting technician must be organized and punctual, thereby completing all activities related to lighting prior to the actual task. It is the technician’s responsibility to place things in order and in a timely manner, since lighting requires specific conditions most of the times.
  • A lighting technician is often responsible for communicating with the directors or supervisors and hence needs to explain the requirements well and get the ideas across effectively.
  • A lighting technician needs to be creative and think out-of-the-box, thereby helping bring out the best out of the production with his/her effective lighting skills.
  • A lighting technician is responsible for clearly observing and understanding the actual need and purpose of lighting in the specific area of work and conducts his job accordingly.

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