School Nurse Job Responsibilities

School Nurse Responsibilities

As the name suggest a school nurse is responsible for helping the school children in their first aid by providing them necessary medicines which can help them to overcome with the health related issues. He is responsible for making a healthy environment within the school premises. He is responsible for taking care of the school children by providing them necessary medicate to overcome with their problems.

School Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • A school nurse must maintain a health sheet of all the students studying in school.
  • He must come up with some innovative ideas which could assist in the health related issues of children.
  • His responsibility is to advice children with the best possible solutions of their health problem.
  • He must encourage the children to live a clean and healthy life.
  • He is responsible for teaching children with the essential tips and factors that can help them to make themselves away from any of the unhygienic problem.
  • He must teach school children with the sex education and effects of drugs on health.
  • He is responsible for managing out vaccination program.
  • He is responsible for training the school staff so that they can deal with the diseases such as asthma and so on.

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