Customer Service Manager Job Responsibilities

Customer Service Manager Responsibilities

Customer Service Manager ensures that their organization satisfies the needs of their customers. These people work at different levels. This means that they assist to develop customer service policy for the whole organization, help to administer a group of customer service staffs, or handle head to head queries from customers. They work with the aim of ensuring that the meet the customer’s needs.

Customer Service Manager Job Responsibilities


  • Advice and provide aid to the clients over the phone, in person or via e-mail.
  • Probe and resolve the complaints and problems of the customer.
  • Handle major crisis like security issues or customer who fell ill with care.
  • Develop feedback or complaint measures for the use of customers.
  • Produce written information for clients, frequently involving the use of computer software or packages.
  • Issue compensations or refunds to the clients.
  • Maintain records of correspondence.
  • Visit customers to give them a heart-to-heart service.
  • Recruit, hire the most qualified candidate who can meet their needs and then train them efficiently to deliver high quality customer service.
  • Learn and update with the changes and advancement in the services or products of the organization.
  • Be aware of the latest developments in the field of customer service by browsing through relevant journals, attending courses and going to relevant meetings.


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