Information Security Analyst Job Responsibilities

Information security analyst is a job position in the companies having lot of dealing based on the information database. The duty of the holder of this position is to make sure that the data stored on the systems is relevant, secured, restricted to be use and modified. They are also required to formulate and execute a proper security mechanism. Data security analysts generally work under the direction of an information technology manager.

Information Security Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • The information security analyst is responsible for discussing with the users issues such as computer data access requirements, security violations and changes required in programs.
  • They are responsible to analyze and modify the plans, procedures and measures related to the information security of the enterprise.
  • It is their duty to gather, receive, observe and obtain information from the relevant sources.
  • The information analyst is in charge for identifying the core and essential underneath reasons, principles or facts of the data by segregating the data in hand.
  • It is their duty to see that the events and processes related to the information system are in accordance with the law, standards and regulations.
  • They are responsible to provide relevant and important information to the employees which pertain to their field of work.
  • It is the duty of the analyst to coordinate the execution of the computer plan with concerned personnel and outside vendor.
  • It is their main work to keep a check and scrutinize the usage of the information data files and control the access to protect the data present in computer files from being misused.
  • They are responsible for analyzing and modifying the security files of the computer system and incorporate latest software, check and correct errors or change the access conditions.
  • It is the responsibility of the information security analyst to perform risk evaluation of the data and conduct tests of the information processing system to make sure that the data in hand is authentic and relevant.
  • It is their duty to check whether the computer systems are timely updated with the antivirus.
  • They are in duty to examine the violations of the information security procedures and discuss them with the people at fault so that the same is not repeated.

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