IT Security Job Responsibilities

IT security job is a recent and a strategic role where the security personnel is directly liable to the higher authorities. Their main responsibility is to secure the information posture of the company. This job requires a broad and open minded approach to manage the risks involved in dealing with information and data and develop measures to evade them.

IT Security Job Responsibilities

  • It is the duty of the IT security in charge to formulate and direct the information protection programs, procedures, plans and processes and uphold a suitable safety and security policies and strategies for governing the information and network systems.
  • They should keep a check that the laid up programs are being followed in the organization.
  • It is their responsibility to enrich the organization with their expertise knowledge on the routine and daily security, privacy and compliance matters.
  • They are responsible for managing and maintaining the relationship with the vendors for the purpose of procurement, operation and implementation of the security and safety of the products and services.
  • It is their responsibility to initiate data security risk and susceptibility assessment for the internal and external data.
  • It is their job content to update the organization with the latest security information and measure and educate the employees on the security measures and create awareness among them.
  • They are responsible for monitoring and assessing the data security operational actions.
  • They are required to set up a procedure to track corrective actions to lessen the risk in line with the standards laid down.
  • They are expected to play the role of the center point of the operating units for the purpose of incidents.
  • They are assigned with the duty for the development of the incident managing procedures and report all the incidents to the management or the concerned authority.

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