Journeyman Electrician Job Responsibilities

A journeyman electrician is the person who has achieved all possible skills of an electrician and has got the license from the state that approves him to be an electrician. A journeyman electrician performs various important responsibilities in a factory or industry and he or she must have a good experience of working as an electrician under the supervision of a senior electrician.

A journeyman electrician must have a good physical strength to carry heavy parts of a machine and should also have a good aptitude for maths so as to easily carry out measurements and to work with numbers. Following are the responsibilities performed by a journeyman electrician.

Journeyman Electrician Job Responsibilities:

  • A journeyman electrician does all the repairing work needed for machines. He or she must have a good knowledge of wires since they may be required to rewire a complete system.
  • A journeyman electrician may give training to other electricians who have just joined the work with them.
  • A journeyman electrician is required to run various tests, so as to point out the problem which requires to be corrected. These problems can be related to wiring in a machine or some damage which occurred in the machine.
  • Journeyman electrician may be asked to look into the blueprints related to their work and should also be good in calculations as he/she may have to conduct measurements in order to construct something.
  • A journeyman electrician should have a complete knowledge of electronic system since he/she is required to upgrade the system and to make possible changes in it.
  • A journey man electrician does a lot of physical work and may be required to carry almost 50 pounds of weight.
  • A journeyman electrician may also order supplies required for the construction purpose in an industry.


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