Office Manager Job Responsibility

Office Manager Responsibility

Office manager takes responsibility to attend all telephone calls with good communication skills, to reply with satisfactory answer, and check the status of fax and email services. He maintains a document of proper information about the attendance of each visitors and staff member. He pays his responsibility well, to satisfy every customer by providing high quality services. He is responsible for creating and maintaining a professional environment in the offices.

Office Manager Job Responsibility


–          Office manager has the responsibility to maintain the stock of goods used in project, so that it may not affect the work and the completion of project.

–          Office manager is responsible to give support to clerical staff for maintaining database of every project.

–          Essential incoming courier or post is distributed by office manager and he is the only person responsible for delivery of all post.

–          Responsibility of office manager is to check the availability and working status of each resources of office.

–          He is responsible to reduce each of the faults in resources like fax, scanner and printer services.

–          He is responsible to manage meeting halls, organizing requirements of meetings and manage refreshment or breakfast.

–          The documentation for movement of every entity is modified on regular basis.

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